Bailey Bridge Construction Methods

Bailey bridge construction is the direct assembly of bailey bridge components provided by suppliers. Before construction, prepare cranes in advance, and it is best to predict the weather, otherwise rainy days will affect the construction process.

The Construction Process of Bailey Bridge

1. First install the bailey bridge nose frame. The truss of bailey Bridge is assembled first on the rock that is pushed out of the shore. One end of the truss piece is placed on the rock, and the other end is placed on the temporary skid.

2. The male and female heads of the truss pieces are the same, place the first beam behind the front end vertical rod, and insert the two rows of holes in the bottom surface of the beam into the bolts on the backing plate of the bottom chord beam of the two truss pieces, and clamp them with the beam clamp. Do not tighten it for now, and then tighten it after the diagonal brace on the beam is installed.

3. Install the second section of the truss piece. At the same time, the bailey bridge should install diagonal braces on the truss beam of the previous section, and install the beam behind the vertical rod at the front end of the second section of the truss, and clamp it lightly with the beam clamp. Tighten, and then tighten after the diagonal brace on the beam is installed.

4. Install the third section of truss, install wind-resistant tie rods on the first section of truss sheets, and install diagonal braces on the beams of the second section of truss sheets. The nose piece installation is carried out in sequence, and a total of four truss pieces need to be installed as the nose piece.

5. The bailey bridge is launched with hoist traction. During the traction process, check the operation of the rollers and the bridge at any time. If any abnormality is found, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the operation should be continued after the problem is solved

6. After advancing the bridge into position, remove the nose piece, use a jack to stand against the bottom chord of the bridge, check the beret and tighten all supports, beam clamps and wind-resistant tie rods.

7. Finally, lay bailey bridge longitudinal beams, bridge decks, steel plates and other accessories.

Steel Structure Bridge

Construction Quality Assurance Method of Bailey Bridge

1. The design of bailey bridge is calculated by computer to ensure design safety.

2. During the construction of bailey bridge and river crossing, set up safety warning signs in the upstream and downstream.

3. Arrange a quality inspector on the construction site to control the whole process of construction.

4. After the construction of bailey bridge has been inspected for quality and safety, it can be put into use after trial operation

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