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Bailey bridge is a prefabricated portable panel bridge composed of modular components made of standard steel alloy. Bailey bridge with simple structure, lightweight and short installation and disassembly time makes it particularly suitable for use in emergency situations. Such as sudden bridge collapse or destruction. It is also commonly used in temporary bridge structures. Prefabricated Bailey bridge is a multifunctional bridge system with high cost and efficiency.

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H200 Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge Features

1. Additional panels can be added to create Double and Triple panel bridges.
2. Cost effective to own and re-use in different length bridges.
3. Damaged parts can be easily and quickly replaced from stock.
4. All steel is precision CNC machined and laser cut components.
5. Additional sections can be added to increase the length of the bridge.
6. Faithfully replicates the key component of the original Bailey Bridge including the Panels, Transoms, Stringers, Cheeses, Ribands, Rakers, Bracing Frames, End Posts and Sway Braces.
7. Easy – to handle, transport, assemble, install and reuse.
8. Speed construction- pre-engineered components.

3 advantages of Bailey Bridge

  • Structural Advantage
  • Convenient Advantage
  • Functional Advantage

The Bailey Bridge is a prefabricated truss structure bridge. The Bailey Bridge is a rectangular structure composed of standardized cross-supported steel alloy components and Bailey panels with the same specifications. Each Bailey bridge deck is connected by pins or bolts. The modular truss structure Bailey Bridge is simple in design and short in construction period.

Due to its simple modular structure, Bailey Bridge makes the overall construction and installation more convenient. Bridge assembly and laying can be carried out simultaneously, just assembling the pre-processed Bere bridge modular components step by step. Shorten the bridge construction cycle, save manpower and material resources.

The temporary Bailey bridge has the advantages of fast assembly and short assembly period. The Bailey Bridge can be used in many architectural scenes, such as pedestrian bridges, rescue bridges, bridges across rivers or seas, and bridges for filming.

Bailey Bridge Type and Composition

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HD200 truss bridge allowable internal force

Single lane :Bridge deck clear width: 4.2m; Combined span: 9.14-76.2m
Double-lane:Bridge deck clear width: 7.4m; Combined span: 9.14-57.9m

The HD200 Bailey bridge has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, fast erection and easy disassembly. At the same time, it has the advantages of large bearing capacity, strong structural rigidity, and long fatigue life. It can form temporary bridges, emergency bridges and fixed bridges of various types and purposes according to the different spans actually required. It has the characteristics of few components, light weight and low cost. In addition to being assembled into a single-lane bridge, the HD200 prefabricated steel bridge can also be assembled into a two-lane bridge, thereby expanding the scope of use of the bridge. It is suitable for load design of car-10, car-20, HS15, HS20, crawler-50.

321 truss structure bridge​ allowable internal force

Single lane: Bridge deck clear width: 3.7m; Combined span: 9-75m

Type 321 prefabricated steel bridge is a decomposable, fast-elevating standard bridge. The full bridge is made of high-strength steel and all-welded. The main beam is a decomposable light truss. The trusses are connected by a single pin, and the components are interchangeable. It is strong, light in weight, easy to transport and disassemble, and can be assembled into various types of prefabricated steel bridges according to span and load requirements. It is a widely used and relatively complete combined prefabricated steel bridge for emergency transportation. It is suitable for 5 kinds of loads such as car-10, car-15, car-20, crawler-50, trailer-80.

321 truss bridge geometric characteristics

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iBeehive is a professional manufacturer of steel structure, bridge with 21 years experience, finished 3520 projects total 17600000 sqm. We specialize in providing complete solutions including consultingdesignfabrication and erection of high-quality pre-engineered steel building and steel structure products.

We have 2 factories with a total area of 21000 m², iBeehive has served the pre-engineered building industry with the highly trained crews, specialized equipment, CWI inspector, and 20 professional design team.

The international quality system ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 AWS-D1.1/D1.5 and CWI inspector help us to keep our quality every time.

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We can design the complex industrial pre engineer building for clients by using AutoCAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Tekla Structures (Xsteel) and etc. We provide clients with this service for free.

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From material preparation, cutting, assembly, welding, assembly to final spray drying, we have strict quality control in every step of production.

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We provide online installation instructions for bailey bridge. We can provide pictures and videos of the whole process of bailey Bridge material preparation, production, testing, packaging, labeling, and delivery.

Project Cases

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South Africa Engineering Bridge

Qatar Double-Row Steel Bailey Bridge

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Bailey Bridge Project in Cambodia

Cambodia Type 200 Bailey Bridge

Peru Two-Lane Steel Bridge

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