iBeehive boasts years of experience in serving clients from various sectors of the steel structure industry. Whether you are a direct customer or a general contractor, we have the expertise to provide you with satisfactory services.

Ibeehive and the general contractors share the same goal – a satisfied investor.

iBeehive is committed to finding solutions that benefit both general contractors and investors. Our flexibility is a result of our competent and decisive team, consisting of experts in sales, design, and installation. Their in-depth knowledge of our structural system enables swift and reliable responses.

Another cornerstone is iBeehive’s proven track record, with over 3,520 completed projects and a team of 380 employees, including 20 engineers serving clients in various countries, including Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Ireland, Greece, Qatar, Peru, Brazil, Canada, and more.

Our high-quality galvanized steel is weather-resistant, ensuring quick and reliable assembly. Our modular system is fully adaptable to meet the specific needs and requirements of our valued customers, making product quality our third pillar of strength for general contractors.

Our Advantage


Durable and Safe

Steel structures are lightweight, easy to transport, assemble, and reuse, install quickly short construction period, good resistance to the earthquake.


Cost Effective Quick Build

We are able to provide manufacturing and design in one supplier, can provide a service of save cost and time. fabrication is precise and steel frame installation and construction is fast.


Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefits of steel structures, such as reduced waste of raw materials, reusability, and all of these have a smaller overall environmental impact than traditional building materials. 



We have more than 20 designers with more than 5 years experience to design according to your needs and optimize materials to maximize your economic benefits. 


After-Sales Service

We offer the installation instruction, if any questions, we can answer you anytime when you received products, and provide install guide overseas.


Quality Inspection

With good quality steel material, we have AWS-D1.1/D1.5 welding quality system and professional CWI welding inspector to ensure high quality of the product.

Ibeehive guides its direct clients securely through the entire construction process, from the initial idea to project preparation, production, assembly and the final approval of the building.

iBeehive understands the needs of direct customers, guiding them from start to finish in building acceptance. Our versatile structural system offers cost-effective solutions, catering to businesses of all sizes. Even after completion, our buildings remain flexible – easily insulated, extended, or divided. With over ten thousand halls built, we have extensive experience in diverse applications.

Additionally, we provide a wide network of partner activities, offering investors advantages in project preparation and implementation. iBeehive collaborates with leading finance, insurance, and subsidy services, delivering time and cost savings along with streamlined office processes and more.

Steel structure building

What do we provide for direct customers?


Customized Design

We can design the complex industrial pre engineer building for clients by using AutoCAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Tekla Structures (Xsteel) and etc. We provide clients with this service for free.


Delivery On Time

  • Enough production capacity to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Perfect and meticulous packaging to ensure the safe arrival of goods at your port.


Quality Control

From steel structure material preparation, cutting, assembly, welding, assembly to final spray drying, we have strict quality control in every step of production.


After-Sales Service

We provide online installation instructions for bailey bridge. We can provide pictures and videos of the whole process of bailey Bridge material preparation, production, testing, packaging, labeling, and delivery.

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