Introduction to Bailey Bridge Truss

Bailey Bridge Truss is the main component of Bailey bridge, and Bailey film can also be used to assemble gantry cranes, highway bridges, etc. The material of the beret is manganese steel.

The Bailey bridge is welded by upper and lower chords, vertical rods and diagonal rods. The ends of the upper and lower chords are provided with male and female joints, and the joints are provided with a pestle holder connecting pin hole. The connection between the chords is fixed by steel bolts, and the shape and structure of the bailey bridge are mostly triangular, which greatly enhances the stability of the bailey bridge structure and increases the load-bearing capacity.

Bailey Bridge Truss
Steel Bailey Truss Bridge

On the lower chord, a tenon is used to fix the position of the 4 beam pads on the plane. Two elliptical holes are also provided on the channel steel web at the end of the lower chord for connecting the wind-resistant tie rods. The vertical rods of the Bailey film are all made of 8# I-steel, and the beam is fixed by a beam clamp on the side of the vertical rod near the lower chord through a square hole.

The “321” steel bridge is a prefabricated highway steel bridge. Its biggest feature is: light components, easy disassembly and assembly, strong adaptability, and can be quickly built with simple tools and manpower. It is suitable for 5 types of loads: car-10, car-15, car-20, crawler-50, trailer-80. The bridge deck has a clear width of 3.7m, which can be combined into a variety of simple beam bridges with spans ranging from 9m to 63m, which can be used to construct continuous beam bridges.