Steel Structure Building Application- Car Warehouse

Compared with traditional wooden and masonry buildings, steel structure buildings have come up late and belong to a new type of building system. With the development of steel materials, the application of steel structures has become more and more extensive. At the same time, due to the significant advantages of steel structures, steel structures have become people’s first choice.
Automobile warehouses, as the most commonly used buildings in steel structure buildings, have formed a complete set of technology and customized processes, such as large-span automobile storage warehouses, temporary automobile parking warehouses, and small household automobile warehouses.

Types of Car Warehouse

Family Garage

The size of a family car warehouse is usually small, accommodating 1-2 cars, including a small amount of sundries. The area is generally 50-100 square meters, without beams and columns. It is a single-span building, and the walls and roofs are mostly made of corrugated steel plates or sandwich cores. Sheet.


Commercial Parking Warehouse

The temporary parking warehouse for cars covers a large area and is a multi-span building supported by multiple beams and columns; most of them are public buildings, which are generally built outside shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping centers and other crowded and vehicle-intensive places for residential vehicles.

car warehouse

Car Storage Warehouse

Large-span automobile storage warehouses, such as used car trading markets and automobile manufacturing companies, mostly build multi-span warehouses for simple storage and protection of automobiles.

Steel Structure Car Warehouse

Advantages of Steel Structure Car Warehouses

Why people favor steel structure warehouses more and more? Let’s learn about the characteristics and advantages of steel structure.
1.Short construction period;
2.The steel structure has high flexibility and high seismic performance;
3.Standard profile, easy to process and easy to control accuracy;
4.The beam-column section is small, and the indoor space utilization is high;
5.The pipeline can be wired inside the profile, saving space and laying cost;
6.Can realize large-span structure and ultra-high structure;
7.Can be recycled and reused just now, sustainable;

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