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ibeehive Steel Buildings

ibeehive has built over 3520 steel buildings. Below you can choose the type of building you desire and find out more information.

Building Types

Logistics storage warehouse, product warehouse, machine repair tool model workshop, power station, gas station, compressed air station, substation, boiler room.

Agricultural production and processing buildings, such as grain depots, livestock farms, greenhouses, and agricultural machinery repair stations.

Retail stores, shopping malls, markets, financial stock exchanges, commercial office buildings, hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities.

Public buildings include office buildings, commercial buildings, tourist buildings, science, education, culture and health buildings, and communication buildings.

Basic buildings such as residential areas, teaching buildings, hospitals, office and commercial buildings such as high-end hotels, office buildings, and office buildings, and transportation buildings such as airports and stations.

Steel bridges mainly include pedestrian bridges, single and double row vehicle bridges, and temporary bridges for rescue and disaster relief.

Cladding System

What is the cladding? Enclosure structure refers to the enclosure of buildings and rooms, which are divided into transparent and opaque types; opaque enclosures have walls, roofs, floors, ceilings, etc.; transparent enclosures have windows, skylights, balcony doors, glass partitions, etc. Including exterior walls, roofs, windows, balcony doors, exterior doors, etc.

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