In the Russo-Ukrainian war the bridge was inevitably destroyed, peace is what the people want, so the war will end. So after the war, how can the destroyed bridge be quickly built and traffic restored?
From the analysis of the bridge’s sturdiness, construction period, service life, maintenance cost and other factors, I think Bailey Bridge is better than other bridges.


5 Advantages of Bailey Bridge

1. Bailey Bridge Solid

Bailey bridge is composed of truss members, beams, longitudinal beams, bridge decks, bridge seats and connecting accessories. These components are all made of high-strength steel, with stable structure and large bearing capacity. Bailey bridge has good toughness and ductility, which can improve seismic performance.

2. The Construction Period of Bailey Bridge Shorter

The main feature of bailey bridge is modularization and more convenient application. The components of the bailey bridge are made in advance in the factory and assembled directly on the construction site. The construction area is small, the erection speed is faster, and the construction cost is lower. Because the bailey bridge truss is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, it is easy to transport. The construction period of bailey bridge is 1-3 weeks, which is very suitable for Ukraine temporary bridges and post-war infrastructure construction.

3. Bailey Bridge Service Life Longer

If there is no excessive damage or excessive overload damage during use, the general service life of the bailey bridge parts can reach 100 years, while the concrete bridge is generally 50 years. Therefore, from the perspective of the cost of the whole life cycle, the economy of bailey bridge is better.

4. Low Maintenance Cost of Bailey Bridge

Bailey bridge is a modular building, and each component can exist independently. As a result, the maintenance of the bailey bridge is more convenient, and individual damaged components can be repaired or replaced without having to reinforce the entire bridge.

5. Bailey Bridge Green and Environmentally Friendly

The bailey bridge is composed of steel components, which are 100% recyclable or downgraded materials. The bailey bridge destroyed in the Russian-Ukrainian War can be recycled without causing environmental pollution.

Wooden bridges and reinforced concrete bridges have advantages in single cost, but they do not have long-term advantages. Wooden bridges and concrete bridges have long construction periods after the war, high maintenance costs, shorter lifespans and low environmental protection. So after the war, it was more suitable for Ukraine to use the Bailey Bridge.
Finally hope for world peace. Follow iBeehive to give you more knowledge.

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