Traditional residential and light commercial buildings are constructed with wood framing, however, wood framing is gradually being replaced by light gauge steel due to its tendency to rot, deform and breed insects.

light gauge steel building

What is light-gauge steel framing?

Light gauge steel framing (LGSF) also called light gauge framing system (LGFS) is a construction technique that uses cold-formed steel as a construction material. It can be used on systems of floor, wall and roof, decks, roof panels or entire buildings. They can also be used as individual framing members, such as headings, joists, studs, and truss members.

Cold-formed steel construction is the bending of steel sheets into more shapes at ambient temperature.

light gauge frame system

What are the differences between light gauge steel and steel structure?

  • Both of them use steel as the basic raw material, but they are very different in the production, application and fastening method of steel. Steel structures require heavier and thicker fastening methods such as bolting, riveting or Conversely, light gauge steel is usually more simply secured with steel screws.
  • Steel structure construction is heavy compared to light gauge steel. When transporting, it needs to be transported by a heavy truck and must be placed by a crane. Therefore, residential or light commercial buildingsrarely adopted steel structure because they are heavy and expensive. Commonly used in industrial plants, bridges, multi-storey buildings and other heavy buildings. Its strength allow it to handle high-level earthquake and wind.

The outstanding advantages of light gauge steel

  • Light weight and material saving

Light gauge steel has light weight, high strength and thin thickness, saving steel materials, and the overall structure of the house is light, which is also a quarter of the traditional brick-concrete structure, which greatly reduces transportation costs, hoisting costs, and overall construction costs.

  • Shock resistance

Since the light gauge steel structure is connected together with screws, a safe and stable space is formed, which will not endanger personal safety due to the shaking of earthquakes and the collapse of walls or floors.