The impact of BIM on the steel structure construction industry

Steel structure BIM
The full name of BIM is Building Information Modeling. It is a new technology applied to engineering, architecture and civil engineering. It is a digital tool applied to engineering design, construction, and management. It improves production efficiency, shortens construction period and saves costs for the entire construction process. The importance of.
BIM technology was proposed by Autodesk, and has been widely used in the global construction industry at this stage.

What are the characteristics of BIM?

1. Visualization:
BIM replaces traditional plan drawings and displays construction buildings in the form of three-dimensional physical drawings, reducing communication costs.
2. Coordination
BIM can coordinate various professional issues in the early stage of construction and generate coordination data for reference by construction personnel.
3. Simulation
BIM can model the problems in the operation stage after construction, such as escape simulation and firefighter evacuation simulation, to guide the construction.
4. High Operability
The BIM model can draw conventional architectural design drawings, as well as various professional drawings and detailed drawings.
Steel structure building structure
Steel structure building

The impact of BIM on steel structures

One of the core values of the steel structure BIM platform is to solve the problem of steel structure engineering information sharing. Engineering managers engaged in different positions can take out the information they need from this model, which can guide the actual work and update the results of the corresponding work to the model, so that the engineering and technical personnel can make a correct understanding of various building information. Efficient sharing has played a role in improving project management, shortening the management chain, improving efficiency, and reducing construction costs.

Commonly used BIM modeling software


Often used in civil buildings

AUTODESK Steel structure BIM software


Commonly used in industrial design (petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, medicine, etc.) and infrastructure (roads, bridges, municipal administration, water conservancy, etc.).

BENTLEY Steel structure BIM software


The earliest BIM core modeling software with market influence for the global market.

ARCHICAD Steel structure BIM software
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