The difference between HD200 Bailey Bridge and 321 Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge is also called prefabricated steel bridge. Its main feature is modularization. It is composed of standardized truss unit components made of high-strength steel, as well as cross beams, longitudinal beams, bridge decks, bridge seats and connectors.
Bailey Bridge is divided into HD200 steel bridge and 321 steel bridge, and the components of the two steel bridges are different. The main distinction is in the size and connection of the components.

HD200 Bailey Bridge Specifications

Single lane :Bridge deck clear width: 4.2m; Combined span: 9.14-76.2m
Double-lane:Bridge deck clear width: 7.4m; Combined span: 9.14-57.9m
Steel Structure Bridge
H200 Bailey Bridge

The HD200 Bailey bridge has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, fast erection and easy disassembly. At the same time, it has the advantages of large bearing capacity, strong structural rigidity, and long fatigue life. It can form temporary bridges, emergency bridges and fixed bridges of various types and purposes according to the different spans actually required. It has the characteristics of few components, light weight and low cost.

In addition to being assembled into a single-lane bridge, the HD200 prefabricated steel bridge can also be assembled into a two-lane bridge, thereby expanding the scope of use of the bridge. It is suitable for load design of car-10, car-20, HS15, HS20, crawler-50.

321 Bailey Bridge Specifications

Single lane:Bridge deck clear width: 3.7m; Combined span: 9-75m
321 Steel Bridge
321 Bailey Bridge
Type 321 prefabricated steel bridge is a decomposable, fast-elevating standard bridge. The full bridge is made of high-strength steel and all-welded. The main beam is a decomposable light truss. The trusses are connected by a single pin, and the components are interchangeable. It is strong, light in weight, easy to transport and disassemble, and can be assembled into various types of prefabricated steel bridges according to span and load requirements. It is a widely used and relatively complete combined prefabricated steel bridge for emergency transportation. It is suitable for 5 kinds of loads such as car-10, car-15, car-20, crawler-50, trailer-80.

Both steel bridges have their own characteristics. In the case of large spans, the amount of steel used for the “321” steel bridge is significantly higher than that of the HD200 steel bridge, for example: a 39-meter car under a 20-level load. The combination of “321” steel bridge is: three-row single-layer reinforced type, and its weight is 57.2 tons. The HD200 steel bridge combination form is: double-row single-layer reinforced type, and its weight is 54.8 tons, which saves 2.4 tons of steel than the “321” steel bridge. The steel bridge’s net lane is also increased to 4.2 meters to facilitate the passage of vehicles.

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