ibeehive for Direct Clients

ibeehive for Direct Clients

Ibeehive guides its direct clients securely through the entire construction process, from the initial idea to project preparation, production, assembly and the final approval of the building.

Ibeehive knows the needs of its direct customers – this is why we work as the perfect guide all the way up to the acceptance of the completed building. The business sector or investor’s size do not matter – ibeehive’s structural system has always placed an emphasis on flexible solutions and favourable prices. That makes it a suitable solution to the needs of both large and small businesses today. The advantage is the flexibility of the building even after completion – the hall may be insulated, extended or divided at a later stage. More than ten thousand halls built and the broad range of applications are the company’s strength along with the perfect knowledge of the environments and requirements related to the construction.
Aside from its own design, production and assembly, ibeehive also offers a broad network of partner activities that give investors advantages during the preparation of the project and later during its implementation. ibeehive has partners among leading finance, insurance and subsidy services and other companies. The resulting benefits bring investors money and time savings, simpler office work and other advantages too.

Steel structure building

What do we provide for direct customers?

1. Customized Design

We can design the complex industrial pre engineer building for clients by using AutoCAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Tekla Structures (Xsteel) and etc. We provide clients with this service for free.

Steel structure building design

2. Delivery On Time

•Enough production capacity to ensure on-time delivery.
Perfect and meticulous packaging to ensure the safe arrival of goods at your port.
Shipment of steel structure products

3. Quality Control

From steel structure material preparation, cutting, assembly, welding, assembly to final spray drying, we have strict quality control in every step of production.

Steel structure material inspection

4. After-Sales Service

We provide online installation instructions for bailey bridge. We can provide pictures and videos of the whole process of bailey Bridge material preparation, production, testing, packaging, labeling, and delivery.

Steel Structure Manufacturing Company

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