Steel Structure Building Design

Steel Structure Building Design Tool

Commonly used design software is divided into three categories:

Structural Modeling Calculation Software

Steel Structure Drawing Software

Steel Structure Component Calculation Software

Steel Structure Design Principles

1.Ensure the integrity of the structure. The integrity of the steel structure can ensure that the durability of the building is increased, and the residual value rate is 0.2. The designer must clarify the transfer path of various external forces from the point of action to the foundation and the effect of the transfer process, and how the relevant components are divided and coordinated work.

2.The design must reflect the consistency of calculation and construction. According to the load characteristics of the building and its mechanical behavior, especially the response to the earthquake load, the expected effect must be achieved.
3.The steel structure residence generally does not exceed 12 floors, otherwise the irregular layout is likely to be damaged during an earthquake.

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