Our Business Partners

ibeehive steel structure has cooperated with many well-known commercial platforms, such as Alibaba.com, Made in China.com, tradeboss.com, etc., to promote our brand and products.


Alibaba.com is the world’s largest steel structure B2B e-commerce platform, with 16 multilingual sites for global business.

Made in China.com

Made in China.com is a world-renowned foreign steel structure building trade e-commerce platform, gathering a large number of well-known


Tradeboss.com is a well-known business directory e-commerce website where buyers can search for many experienced steel construction suppliers.

Global Sources.com

Global Sources.com is a world-renowned steel structure B2B commercial e-commerce platform that accurately matches global sourcing buyers for steel structure construction suppliers.


Indiamart is one of the largest steel structure B2B e-commerce platforms in India. It is a comprehensive platform that mainly provides credit protection for transactions between buyers and sellers.

Architect Magazine.com

Architect magazine is a comprehensive construction website, which contains the display and construction details of various steel structure completed projects, and is a gathering place for construction enthusiasts.

Industrial Buildings &Steel Frame Construction

Leofric is a Pre-cast concrete and steel frame building manufacturers for industry.


Exporters.SG is a global business-to-business (B2B) marketplace with over 600 product categories. Exporters.SG categories include steel structure buildings, steel structure warehouses, and Bailey bridges.

Exporters India.com

Exporters India.com​ is a huge databank comprising both steel structure buyers and sellers from across the globe.


Supplierss.com is the world’s most professional steel structure construction website, with 2000+ steel structure companies worldwide. Containing 45 product categories, covering professional suppliers from various industries, it is the main website for buyers to find suppliers.

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