Shenyang Hunnan District Steel Bridge

The Bailey sheet works together with the steel-wood structure in the field construction. The Bailey sheet can be installed after the pier formwork is removed and the concrete reaches 25-30Mpa. Hoisting is carried out in cooperation with a tower crane and inverted chain. After the Beret pin is driven in, the safety pin should be inserted at the same time to prevent the pin from falling out. After all berets on the same side are installed in place, install the upper and lower reinforcement chords. When installing the upper and lower reinforced chords, pay attention to placing the chord bolt orifice plate on the bottom surface, so that the chord nut connecting the reinforced chord and the truss chord is not exposed. Finally, channel steel is used to drill holes according to the spacing of the beret plates, and all the beret plates are bolted to the holes of the support frame to enhance the lateral stability.

Steel Bridge

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