Qatar Double-Row Steel Bailey Bridge

Qatar Double-row Steel Bailey Bridge is a steel arch bridge with a span of 100m + 550m + 100m, which is a span of 100m + 550m + 100m. It will become the world’s first steel arch bridge after completion.
The main structure of the bridge mainly includes steel arch abutments, arch ribs, wind bracing, columns, and bridge deck girder. It is a fully welded steel bridge.
Among them, the arch ribs are used as the supporting structure in the middle of the full bridge, and the cross-section size is gradually changed. The maximum cross-section is a box of 9m×5m (the upper part is rectangular and the lower part is trapezoidal cross-section). The bridge deck tie beam is 41m wide.
The steel is made of domestic S355N (DINEN10113-1993) fine-grain steel, the maximum thickness is 100mm, and the welding rod is J507Ni ultra-low hydrogen welding rod.
Due to the large thickness of the steel plate and the large section rigidity, the welding cycle spans winter and summer. A wide range of preheating to 150°C is required before welding, and the welding quality is inspected according to AWS standards.


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