What is the Bailey Bridge?

The Bailey bridge is a type of portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge. It was developed by the British during World War II for military use and saw extensive use by British, Canadian and US military engineering units. A Bailey bridge has the advantages of requiring no special tools or heavy equipment to assemble. The wood and steel bridge elements were small and light enough to be carried in trucks and lifted into place by hand, without requiring the use of a crane. The bridges were strong enough to carry tanks. Bailey bridges continue to be used extensively in civil engineering construction projects and to provide temporary crossings for foot and vehicle traffic.

  • America bailey bridge

  • Type: bailey bridge

  • Liaoyang Magnificent Bridge

  • Type: steel truss arch bridge

  • Shenyang bridge

  • Type: box bridge

The usage of the Bailey bridge?

Bailey bridge is used when there is a need to cross an obstacle for a certain time period.
This is often in case of military operations, during or after natural disasters replacement or renovation of consistent bridges or in unusually areas like the movie industry.
Thereby the function also differs on differs on different users of the bridge which could be pedestrians, common vehicles(cars, buses, trucks), heavy military equipment (tank) or the railway.

TypeMoudleLaneswidthBridge DeckSteel GradeCorrosion
SS3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
DS3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
TS3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
DD3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
TD3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461


1. Additional panels can be added to create Double and Triple panel bridges.

2. Cost effective to own and re-use in different length bridges

3. Damaged parts can be easily and quickly replaced from stock

4. All steel is precision CNC machined and laser cut components

5. Additional sections can be added to increase the length of the bridge

6. Faithfully replicates the key component of the original Bailey Bridge

 including the Panels, Transoms, Stringers, Cheeses, Ribands, Rakers,

 Bracing Frames, End Posts and Sway Braces.

7. Easy – to handle, transport, assemble, install and reuse

8. Speed construction- pre-engineered components


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Bailey Bridge

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