Papua New Guinea Stadium

Papua New Guinea Stadium

Papua New Guinea Stadium

Papua New Guinea outdoor Steel Stadium completed.
In July 2020, iBeehive signed an order of US$640,000 with customers.
In November 2022, the client completed the overall construction.

The gymnasium is mainly used for track and field competitions, and a particular plastic track is laid inside. The stadium covers an area of 25,000 square meters and can accommodate nearly 10,000 people watching simultaneously.
iBeehive is mainly responsible for designing and manufacturing the stadium’s steel structure viewing platform and top steel frame structure.
In addition to hosting sports activities, the stadium is open to the public to receive surrounding citizens and has become a major venue for citizen fitness and team-building activities.

The materials and processing cycle description for this project are as follows:

Materials Description
Project location: Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Main structure material: Q355, prepainted with 75 micron epoxy.
Secondary steel structure: Q235, including the rafter, bracing, stairs etc, prepainted with 75 micron epoxy
Simple steel sheet: thickness=0.5mm, type=820
Decking: thickness=1.0mm, type=720

Our Time Schedule:
Detailing time: 7 days, Fabrication: 30 days, Packing: 2 days.
Packing: Steel pallet for steel frame a 34*40’HQ containers

Papua New Guinea Outdoor Steel Stadium Design
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