Company News

ibeehive Steel Structure Company participates in the real-time dynamics of exhibitions in the United States and Europe, our customers visit us events, our customers’ project finished steel delivery, Halloween, Christmas and other holiday activities and blessings, ibeehive’s export strategy adjustment, ibeehive factory live broadcast.

Project Cases

Introduction to the completion of ibeehive steel structure building and Bailey bridge project. Explain the completion and application of ibeehive’s steel structure warehouse, steel structure workshop, and Bailey steel bridge projects in China. Explain ibeehive’s steel structure projects in Peru, Brazil, Uganda, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Greece in Europe, Malaysia, Fiji and other countries in Asia.

Industry Information

Explain the full link technology and key points of steel structure from design, production, inspection, installation to maintenance; the advantages of steel compared with wood and stone; the advantages of steel structure with wood and concrete structures; the types and advantages of Bailey bridge; Comparison of differences and advantages between HD200 and 321 Bailey bridges.

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