New Zealand Steel Structure Logistics Park Warehouse

New Zealand Steel Structure Logistics Park Warehouse

In September 2019, New Zealand customers came to us and asked us to help them build warehouses in logistics parks.
In January 2021, after checking the project information, checking the drawings, and inspecting our company’s strength, the customer placed the first order with us, with a total amount of 1.45 million US dollars.
In January 2023, the customer placed another order with a total amount of 600,000 US dollars. 

The logistics warehouse is located in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. The world’s most important multinational companies have offices in Auckland, which is in fact the “economic capital” of New Zealand. Auckland is the gateway of New Zealand’s foreign trade and tourism, and an important hub of road, railway and air transportation.
The customer said that the “fast moving consumer goods” sector was changing from just-in-time to just-in-case, which was driving demand for storage and distribution facilities. We want to build logistics parks to meet the needs of various industries for logistics services. ”

Warehouse Structure Structure Details
Warehouse Dimension
W:120m, L:160m, H:10m
Construction Area
Main Steel Structure
Secondary Steel Frame
Roofing sheet
Color Steel Sandwich Panel
Wall Sheet
Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Warehouse Component Shipment


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