Are Metal Storage Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?

Now that you understand the structure and benefits of metal storage buildings, let’s take a look at the costs of metal buildings.
Are Metal Storage Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?
We know the life cycle of steel structure buildings: determine building requirements, design drawings, determine building materials, manufacture steel components, assemble steel components, safety testing, post-maintenance. Each step requires investment to drive overall progress.
In fact, wooden buildings are the same. So which type of building is cheaper, we calculate it through the cost of building materials, construction costs and maintenance costs.

Metal Storage Buildings

Building Materials Cost

Because the suppliers are different, the overall building material cost cannot be calculated. Including plates, pipes, screw fittings, the usage and prices are also incalculable. At the same time, the prices of steel and wood are also constantly changing with the industry situation.
But the price of steel is more cost-effective among all building materials, such as ceramics, copper, wood, alloys, which are either expensive or expensive to install and maintain. The recycling rate of steel is 100%, it can be reused, no new steel is needed. Moreover, compared with wood, the difficulty of obtaining steel is low. Steel is more suitable for building large buildings than wood.

H steel beam

Building Construction Cost

Metal buildings are basically prefabricated buildings. Steel building components are pre-processed by the factory. The steel components are transported to the installation site; the installation is mechanized, and the crane replaces the labor. The mechanized installation shortens the construction period and reduces labor costs. Metal components are manufactured with reference to drawing parameters, are more standardized, and are directly connected by bolts and welding. Steel components reduce installation difficulty.
The manufacture of wood building components is more complex than steel structures. Wood processing is difficult, more fragile, and cannot be mass-produced. Wooden buildings require more manpower in the processing and installation of wooden beams. The tenon-and-mortise structure of wooden buildings takes more construction time.

Steel Storage Buildings

Building Maintenance Cost

Building materials face three major problems: corrosion, fire, natural disasters (earthquakes, strong winds, etc.).
The common problem of steel structure steel is corrosion and rust, but there is no need to replace the steel beam members, just normal rust removal and painting.
Steel structure buildings are highly resistant to fire and natural disasters, and steel structure construction sites suffer the fewest accidents. Steel buildings have a natural insect-proof function, and wood buildings are poor. Corrosion or rust is therefore easier to deal with than pest infestation.

Metal storage buildings are cheaper and are calculated based on a combination of raw material costs, construction costs, and maintenance costs.
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