Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure house, its main material is light steel keel made of hot-dip galvanized aluminum strip by cold rolling technology. Al Zn alloy structure of Al Zn coated steel plate is composed of Al, Fe, Si and Zn solidified at high temperature, and the barrier formed can effectively prevent corrosion. This feature makes light steel buildings more durable and long-lived.

In addition to corrosion resistance, light steel villa also has the following characteristics:

1. Heat resistance: it can be used in high temperature environment up to 315 ℃.

2. Reflectance: the 55% Al Zn alloy plated steel sheet has twice as high thermal reflectance as the galvanized steel sheet, making it a heat resistant barrier.

3. Paintability: due to the excellent adhesion of the aluminum zinc plated steel plate, it can be used as a sign board for general purposes without pretreatment and weathering treatment.


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