Japanese Cowshed and Warehouse Project

Japanese Cowshed and Warehouse Project

In November 2019, a Japanese customer contacted us and asked us to build a cowshed and warehouse. Prior to this, the client had built 12 barns for 2,500 cows. Because they are not satisfied with the product quality of other suppliers, they are looking for suppliers again.
The client company sent employees to visit our company and factory, and they are very satisfied with our production capacity and enterprise strength.
After the approval of design parameters, materials, loads, and various accessories, we received the first order from this Japanese customer. This is a warehouse of 480 square meters, the specific parameters are as follows:

Japanese steel Warehouse Project
Item Parameter
Snow Load
1 meter
Wind load
Seismic Intensity
6 Level
0.4mm~0.45 Thickness
0.35~0.4mm thickness
Roller and Sliding Doors

Japanese customers are very satisfied with our steel quality and processing level. At the same time, we have built a deep trust because of our thoughtful service.
From 2020 to 2023, the client ordered 20 sets of cowsheds and warehouses, with a total amount of about 3 million US dollars, and finally completed their planning project.
iBeehive always takes product quality and customer service as its core competitiveness, to make every customer who trusts us 100% satisfied.

Japanese Warehouse
Japanese Cowshed
Japanese steel Warehouse


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