Introduction to Prefabricated Steel Structure Building

Prefabricated steel structure building (English name: pre-engineered building) means that the buyer provides drawings or the seller’s design drawings, manufactures steel building components in the seller’s factory, and then transports them to the buyer’s country for direct installation and use. Prefabricated steel buildings have become popular due to their relatively low cost and ease of purchase and delivery.

Prefabricated steel structure buildings are generally suitable for industrial factories, storage warehouses, commercial exhibition halls, large supermarket buildings, and commercial high-rise construction projects.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Building

Advantages of Prefabricated Steel Structure

1.Cost saving: the steel structure is lighter than other materials, so it reduces the load-bearing pressure in all aspects and saves auxiliary materials (compared with traditional fixed buildings).

2.It can be installed simply and quickly regardless of weather conditions.

3.With flexibility, steel welding can adapt to various shapes.

4.With energy efficiency, steel can be recycled and reused in large quantities.

5.Maximize the use of large-span factory space.

6.All steel structure frames have a high degree of synchronization.

7.Easy to expand the scale of the building.

8.Especially through the use of vertical seam roofing system, drainage components and rain-proof board structure, the prefabricated steel structure building has a good waterproof system. This is a very flexible building structure system that allows the interior to be equipped to meet all functions, and the exterior is decorated to meet the perfect architectural design.

Ibeehive Prefabricated Steel Structure Building

Ibeehive steel structure prefabricated steel structure building products are manufactured and processed in two factories in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It has advanced production lines and technology, constantly updated and improved, and controlled input and output in accordance with international standard production and management procedures. The best quality.
The process of manufacturing a complete product is divided into 3 main stages: design, processing of components and installation on site to complete the construction process. The above-mentioned stages are carried out by a team of skilled and enthusiastic engineers and technicians. All steel structures can be prefabricated and simultaneously produced, and then transported to the construction site for installation in a short time. This will speed up the operation and mining process for customers who adopt the company’s prefabricated steel structure construction program for industrial construction projects and commercial residential projects. Thus, time, cost and manpower will be optimized.
Steel structure factory
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