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How long does it take to build a Bailey bridge in Malaysia?

Advantages of Bailey Bridge

How long does it take to build a bailey bridge in Malaysia?
There are many things behind this problem that need to be addressed up front.
The bailey bridge is a custom construction, and the time to build the bailey bridge varies according to the length and width of the bridge itself.
At present, the most popular bridges in the world belong to the prefabricated steel truss bailey bridge.

Roadway steel structure bridge
Steel Bridge

In the early days, the prefabricated steel truss bailey bridge was mainly used in the military field. It has the advantages of quick assembly and convenient disassembly. The bridge body is made of high-strength steel, which is durable and has strong bearing capacity.
Modern steel bridges have evolved into many types, but rapid installation is still the biggest advantage.

The Construction Process of Bailey Bridge

First of all, it is the negotiation and communication stage between the customer and the supplier. The two parties discuss the parameters of the bridge, the bearing capacity of the bridge at the site of use, the construction environment of the bridge, and the installation process.

Then, all components of the Bailey bridge are manufactured and processed by the supplier. Suppliers provide customers with videos and photos of the entire production process, so that customers can understand the progress of their projects throughout the process.

After the production is completed, it will be transported to the customer’s country port by container sea, and the customer will be inspected and then transported to the installation site.
Finally, the crane and the staff cooperate to assemble the Bailey bridge components.
Therefore, the pre-produced bailey bridge accessories are the key point, which can be assembled and used immediately.