Hebei Shijiazhuang Type 200 Bailey Bridge Lane

The main members of Berea piece are truss, truss connecting pin, support frame and truss bolt. The main bearing members of each Berea piece truss are connected by trusses and support frames. The support frames are made of No. 8 I-steel and the standard frames of 90cm are produced by the manufacturer. The entire truss is made up of Berea piece trusses assembled by connecting pins at the end. What safety precautions should be followed when constructing Berea piece plates?

(1) During the construction of the inclined beam of the bridge frame with Berea piece supporting frame accessories, due to the peak period of construction, each construction team is in cross operation, so the intensity of safety monitoring should be strengthened and a safety monitor should be set on site. Horizontal and vertical material transportation must be set up temporary alert area, with red and white triangle small flag fence. Guard against entry by non-construction personnel.


(2) The building materials of Berea piece frame are mainly transferred manually and transported by partial cranes. In order to ensure the conveying of all materials for construction, construction personnel should cooperate with cranes to transport them safely and carefully. Manual transmission, to do a good job of self-protection, fasten the seat belt, echo, first receive and then send. Strictly prevent pipe fittings and fasteners from falling into the ground and injuring others.

(3) During the construction of Berea piece, in order to prevent materials from falling into the ground and injuring others, no holes shall be left in the frame body. During the construction period, safety net shall be used to cover the frame and double four-point binding with no. 18 iron wire, and no softness shall occur. All frames shall not have excess pipe fittings and fasteners in case they fall down and hurt people.

(4) The installation and removal of Bailey tablets shall be protected. Walls, Windows, glass and facilities shall not be damaged. Materials shall be stacked at the designated place at the entrance and shall be cleaned daily. Construction personnel must strictly comply with national and industrial standards, and comply with the relevant safety regulations and rules of the owner and the project Department.

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