iBeehive for General Contractors

iBeehive for General Contractors

Ibeehive and the general contractors share the same goal – a satisfied investor.

This is why ibeehive is always able and willing to find a solution that suits both parties – the general contractor and the investor. This flexibility is possible primarily thanks to people – ibeehive is always represented by highly competent workers capable of making decisions. This is not just an empty promise: one of the company’s key strengths is its three strong internal divisions – sales, design, and installation. Salespeople, along with designers and assembly teams, know the structural system of the buildings perfectly, allowing them to offer a quick and reliable response.

The second strong cornerstone is the credibility of ibeehive in itself. At present, 3,520 projects have been completed, 380 employees including 20 engineers serve you. Ibeehive has 21 years of experience in the steel structure industry in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Ireland, Greece, We have built buildings in Qatar, Peru, Brazil, Canada, and other countries.

Product quality is the third pillar on which general contractors can rely. Galvanized steel resists the weather, simple assembly allows the halls to be built quickly and reliably and the modular system can be fully adapted to the end customer’s current conditions and requirements.

Steel structure Shed Building

Why Choose ibeehive

iBeehive is a professional manufacturer of steel structures, bailey bridges with 21 years of experience, finished 3520 projects total of 17600000 sqm. We specialize in providing complete solutions including consulting, design, fabrication, and erection of high-quality pre-engineered steel building and steel structure products.

We have 2 factories with a total area of 21000 m², iBeehive has served the pre-engineered building industry with highly trained crews, specialized equipment, CWI inspector, and 20 professional design team.

Steel Structure Company

Overseas Business Department

Our business team consists of 8 people, 3 masters and 5 bachelors. Led by a CEO with 21 years of experience in the steel structure industry, each member has more than 5 years of experience in steel structure foreign trade. Professionalism and service make us the foundation of our foothold, and better solving problems for customers is our goal.

Steel Structure Company

Design Team

Our steel structure design team has a total of 20 designers with 3-10 years of experience. Ibeehive has been established for 21 years and has completed a total of 3,520 projects. Therefore, our team has rich design experience and we have a large number of successful cases of steel structure buildings. . The purpose of our design team is to never make a mistake, not to have a dissatisfied customer.

Our Advantage

01/ Durable and Safe

Steel structures are lightweight, easy to transport, assemble, and reuse, install quickly short construction period, good resistance to the earthquake.

02/ Cost Effective Quick Build

We are able to provide manufacturing and design in one supplier, can provide a service of save cost and time. fabrication is precise and steel frame installation and construction is fast.

03/ Environmentally Friendly

The environmental benefits of steel structures, such as reduced waste of raw materials, reusability, and all of these have a smaller overall environmental impact than traditional building materials. 

04/ Customization

We have more than 20 designers with more than 5 years experience to design according to your needs and optimize materials to maximize your economic benefits. 

05/ After-Sales Service

We offer the installation instruction, if any questions, we can answer you anytime when you received products, and provide install guide overseas.

06/ Quality Inspection

With good quality steel material, we have AWS-D1.1/D1.5 welding quality system and professional CWI welding inspector to ensure high quality of the product.

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