iBeehive has the most outstanding and experienced professional engineering team to provide the best design solutions.

According to the customer’s local technical requirements, weather, and environmental conditions, iBeehive designs drawings that satisfy customers and are completely assured.

The iBeehive design team performs work in three phases:

– Technical design: All architectural drawings and structural steel drawings are evaluated to ensure the safety of carrying capacity, load on demand, and environment.
– Manufacturing design: complete and accurate details of each component, size, quantity, technical requirements, 3D shape.
 Erection design: Describe the layout and requirements of each component, and the erection stage diagram.

The design and manufacturing of all projects follow the latest American and European standards:

The entire process is designed by specialized software and checks by the group.
ATAD using modern and latest software such as SAPSTAADPROETABS (2013), CFSTEKLAAUTOCADCFS