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A steel building from iBeehive is a versatile solution for a commercial space. Every commercial operation requires a unique set of building features, and our commercial metal buildings are designed according to use. That means that through working with our experienced design team, you can implement all of the custom components that your commercial space requires. Our steel manufacturing kits feature clear span framing, which allows for column-free interiors.
We have not only different types of façades and a wide range of available wall colours, but also a wide range of accessories such as windows, gates, doors, and architectural accessories. The iBeehive system for prefabricated steel buildings facilitates the large glazed surfaces of car showrooms, as well as a large range of business centres.


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iBeehive has been involved in creating reliable solutions for 23 years when it comes to steel commercial buildings. We have conducted sample research into the gaps in the market and aim to fill them with solutions that people have been looking for. Our prefabricated commercial build dings fill one such market needs.
iBeehive can realize customized solutions for specific business activity and comprehensive shopping center, including scale, appearance, and provision of internal leisure facilities.
iBeehive steel commercial buildings offer advantages in ease and flexibility that conventional solutions do not. Additional space can be added horizontally or vertically without pulling down the existing structure.
It is worth mentioning that our 2 manufacturing plants allow us to achieve the fastest delivery without sacrificing high quality.

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Rare one-stop service provider: from design, manufacture to installation

iBeehive is one of the only companies on the market to control the entire process of supplying steel buildings from the initial sketch of the client’s idea on paper to manufacturing to completing the building assembly, so it can effectively guarantee quality at each stage of the supply.

A time-tested system from 23 years of iBeehive

iBeehive’s commercial building serve global clients such as Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Fiji, Panama, Japan and many more. We have a deep understanding of the building features and the safest solutions required in various commercial, different environments and geographical locations.

Experience with more than 380 completed buildings

The system has always placed emphasis on flexibility and reasonable price, which is why it is a viable solution for small and medium-sized businesses today. The proof of the popularity of this system is in the number of completed commercial steel building, which has exceeded 380 in global.

Easy modification of the system if needed

For example, a building with casing without insulation can be fitted with insulation at a later stage, enlarged with additional modules or divided as needed. Last but not least, the iBeehive steel building system allows for dismantling a building and erecting it again in another location.

Environmental knowledge and combined requirements for a building

Examples include: commercial building glass wall system, hazards due to inclement weather like snow or wind loads, energy efficiency on the site etc.

A strong company with a stable background and service capabilities

2 modern manufacturing plants, 380 employees, business across 6 continents, and a development area of more than 1.7 million square meters.
At the same time we have a 25-year brother company mainly engaged in the design, research and development and manufacture of glass doors and windows. We can provide the best price and quality for your commercial buildings.

Steel Commercial Building vs Traditional Commercial Building

Steel Commercial Building Pros

Steel Commercial Building Cons

Traditional Commercial Building Pros

Traditional Commercial Building Cons


What is steel structure commercial building?

The steel structure commercial building is mainly composed of H-section steel, C-section steel, and Z-section steel combination or construction frame and other components made of section steel and steel plate. Each structural building part is connected by welding, bolting, or riveting. The walls are mostly glass curtain walls.

How much does it cost to build a steel commercial building?

There are many factors affecting the construction cost to build a commercial building, and issues such as raw materials, design, construction period, glass curtain wall, are all factors that affect the cost of steel commercial building.

You can provide your project and contact information and you will receive a quote within 1-2 days.

Steel Commercial Building VS Traditional Concrete Building

Concrete Structure Buildings
The concrete structure is suitable for multi-high-rise buildings with large loads and dense column networks, as well as buildings with high requirements for fire prevention, corrosion resistance, or airtightness (such as chemical, Biomedical projects, etc.).
To ensure concrete performs as it should, it needs to be mixed, installed and cured by professionals. If labourers aren’t experienced with the versatile building material, it can lead to serious consequences for the construction project’s integrity.
When concrete isn’t mixed or installed correctly, it has the potential to crack. Cracking is a serious problem in concrete structures as it will have a significant effect on its strength. Maintenance costs are very high.

Steel Commercial Buildings
The steel building has a stable structure, strong toughness, light weight, strong plasticity of the internal space, long-span structure without center column and high space utilization.

Steel building structural parts are prefabricated by the factory and can be quickly assembled on site, greatly shortening the construction period and putting them into use. At the same time, the damage to the surrounding environment is smaller. The later expansion and maintenance cost is lower.

A large area of glass curtain wall can be used on the wall surface to improve the appearance and illumination, and reduce energy consumption and cost.

What You Should Know About Steel Structure

1. High Strength And Light Weight
The strength of steel is high, and the modulus of elasticity is also high. Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of density to the strength of steel is lower, so under the same stress conditions, the section of steel structure is small, light-weight, easier to transport and install, suitable for large span, high height, and heavy load structure.

2. Good Toughness And High Reliability
The steel is suitable for withstanding impact and dynamic load and has excellent seismic performance. Its internal organization structure is uniform, close to an isotropic homogeneous body. The actual working performance is more in line with the calculation theory. Therefore, the steel structure has high reliability.

3. High Degree Of Mechanization
Steel structural components are easy to be manufactured in factories and assembled on site. The factory mechanized manufacturing of steel structural components have high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembly speed, and short construction period. The steel structure is the most industrialized structure.

4. The Steel Structure Has Good Sealing Performance
Because the steel structure is a welded structure, it can be completely sealed and made into a high-pressure vessel, large oil pool, pressure pipe, etc. with good air-tightness and water-tightness.

5. Steel Structure Is Heat-Resistant And Not Fire-Resistant
When the temperature is below 150°C, the properties of the steel change little. Therefore, the steel structure is suitable for hot workshops, but when the surface of the structure is exposed to heat radiation of about 150 ℃, it should be protected by a heat insulation board. When the temperature is between 300℃ and 400℃, the strength and elastic modulus of the steel will decrease significantly, and when the temperature is about 600℃, the strength of the steel will tend to zero. In buildings with special fire protection requirements, refractory materials must be used for protection to improve the fire resistance level.

6. Poor Corrosion Resistance
Steel is prone to rust in a humid and corrosive environment. Generally, steel should be galvanized or painted and should be maintained regularly. For offshore platform structures in seawater, special measures need to be taken to enhance corrosion resistance.

7. Green And Environmental Protection
Demolition of steel structure buildings will produce almost no construction waste, and the steel can be recycled and reused, which is very environmentally friendly.

How to install commercial prefabricated steel buildings?

The steps of steel structure installation will vary according to the specific engineering situation and installation method, but the usual steel structure installation steps include the following stages:

Steel structure installation requires the use of various professional tools and equipment to ensure the quality and safety of steel structure installation. When using these devices, safety operating procedures must be followed to protect the safety and health of workers.
It is worth mentioning that we can provide the necessary installation tools, glass curtain wall, and supporting facilities of commercial buildings for you.

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