”Our project would not have been completed without the help of the iBeehive Bridge. We were planning to build a steel structure factory, but our steel structure members were blocked by a river. We need a temporary bridge to carry trucks through. iBeehive provides the perfect solution, from design and fabrication, to installation and testing. We look forward to the next cooperation with iBeehive for its high quality and attentive service. ”

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As an early bailey bridge manufacturer in China, iBeehive has always adopted more advanced design tools and concepts in the design of Beehive bridges. Over the past 22 years, iBeehive has put forward more innovations to help customers save costs on the premise of meeting customer customization requirements, which is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers.

As the only Chinese company that continues to design and manufacture bridging systems that are based on the original design, our bridges combine the initial benefits of Bailey’s invention – rapid installation, simple to build, robust modular design, and fully interchangeable standard components – with more modern materials, steel decking and ground beams, grillages and an adjustable ramp system.

iBeehive is located in Shenyang, Liaoning, China, near China’s steel base – Anshan City, Liaoning Province. Our steel structure building and Bailey bridge steel are from the steel source factory. iBeehive is truly a high-quality product.

iBeehive provides bridge installation instructions. In the early stage of design, our designers and engineers will ask customers to provide local installation terrain and actual environmental conditions. Provides innovative advice in conjunction with installation terrain during bridge design and fabrication.

Cantilever push-out method: Generally, due to the restriction of the construction site, large-scale lifting equipment cannot enter. Usually, the cantilever push-out method with simple equipment is used. The method is quick to erect, safe and reliable, does not require large lifting equipment, and workers can undertake the task of bridge erection with a little training. We provide installation instructions and training online. We can dispatch engineers to support the installation if required by the customer.

Bailey Bridge Manufacturers

We are proud to provide Bailey Bridge solutions to more than 140 countries, including government agencies, non-government agencies, and individual users. Our Bailey bridges are put into use in Fiji, Malaysia, Peru, Canada, South Africa, Greece and other countries.
Our bridges have been installed over 500 kilometers worldwide, including urban road bridges, and Bailey bridges across rivers. We hope iBeehive can help users in every country.

If you are interested in learning more about the construction details and construction costs of Bailey Bridge, please contact us for more information.

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