Bailey Bridge, invented by British engineer Donald West Bailey in 1938. This kind of bridge is made of high-strength steel and is made of lightweight standardized truss element members and beams, longitudinal beams, bridge decks, bridge seats and connectors. It can be quickly assembled on the spot with special installation equipment to be suitable for various spans and loads. truss girder bridge.

bailey bridge for Australia

Bailey Bridge Installation Methods

Cantilever push-out method, floating frame method, whole-hole hoisting method, and on-site assembly method are the common methods for the installation of Bailey steel bridges, but the most convenient, practical and simple installation method is the cantilever push-out method.
Cantilever push-out method: Generally, due to the restriction of the construction site, large-scale lifting equipment cannot enter. Usually, the cantilever push-out method with simple equipment is used. The method is quick to erect, safe and reliable, does not require large lifting equipment, and workers can undertake the task of bridge erection with a little training.
The so-called “cantilever push method” is to install rock and roll on both sides of the river first. In place after the opposite shore rock.

bailey bridge for Australia

Bailey Bridge Structural Calculation

The calculation of the bridge span structure of the Bailey steel bridge before assembly, the number of nose frame sections of various combinations of bridges with various spans, the calculated weight and the deflection of the nose frame end, the length of the nose frame should conform to the following laws, namely:

The number of sections of the nose frame = the number of bridge sections/2+1.For example, the nose frame of a double-row single-layer 24m bridge is 8/2+1=5 knots. For bridges with odd-numbered sections, divide the number of sections by 2, then take an integer and add 1.

bailey bridge for Australia

The calculation of the bearing capacity of the shore rock is introduced. For example, if a reinforced double-row single-story bridge with a span of 33m is a single-row single-story truss structure with a span of 7 sections, the rocking position is placed in front of the seat plate (by the river). side) 0.75m.

The weight of each section of the bridge is 35.7kn, and the weight of each section of the single-row single-layer nose frame is 9.0kn. Then the launch weight of the bridge is: 11×35.7+7×9.0=455.7kn. When erecting a reinforced double-row bridge, there are 4 rockers on the push-out shore, and the bearing weight of each rocker is: 455.7/4=113.9kn, which is less than the 250kn designed for the rocker, so the rocker is safe.

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