Steel Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge Description

TypeMoudleLaneswidthBridge DeckSteel GradeCorrosion
SS3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
DS3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
TS3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
DD3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461
TD3.042mSingle Lane/Double lane4.2m/7.35msteelQ345BPainting/Hot-dip Galvanized ASTM A123 BS EN ISO14713&1461


1. Additional panels can be added to create Double and Triple panel bridges.

2. Cost effective to own and re-use in different length bridges

3. Damaged parts can be easily and quickly replaced from stock

4. All steel is precision CNC machined and laser cut components

5. Additional sections can be added to increase the length of the bridge

6. Faithfully replicates the key component of the original Bailey Bridge including the Panels, Transoms, Stringers, Cheeses, Ribands, Rakers,     Bracing Frames, End Posts and Sway Braces.

7. Easy – to handle, transport, assemble, install and reuse

8. Speed construction- pre-engineered components

Main component

Quality control:

1) General fabrication main process of the steel structure is divided into material preparation →cutting→ assembling→ welding→ drilling → assembly → correction → shot blasting and rust removal → painting → number →component acceptance ex-factory. In the steel structure production, according to the steel structure production process flow, grasp the key processes for quality control, such as control of key parts processing, main components of the process, measures, processing equipment, process equipment, etc. Each processing part, we can have strict inspection specifications. Welding engineering is the most important link in steel structure fabrication and installation engineering.

2) For the welding, We have our qualified CWI welding inspector to control the quality according to AWS-D1.1/D1.5 welding quality system. Spot welding strictly welds according to ASW welding quality system.

3) Quality testing

Packing and delivery

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