Application of Truss Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge is a steel truss structure bridge, which is mainly composed of standardized truss components and cross beams, longitudinal beams, bridge decks, bridge seats, and connectors. The main feature of bailey bridge is modularization, which is more convenient and widely used, and can be quickly assembled on the spot into a truss bridge suitable for various spans and loads.

The Specific Use of the Bailey Bridge

1. Bailey Bridge Used for Rescue and Disaster Relief

Because the Bailey Bridge has the characteristics of modularity, the construction period is very short, and a temporary bridge can be quickly built at the location of a road collapse or across a mountain torrent river for the transportation of materials and the passage of people.

During the 5.12 earthquake in 2008, a large number of Bailey bridges were used for emergency rescue and disaster relief. The Bailey bridge played a key role in the forward transportation of anti-earthquake relief materials, the evacuation of the wounded and the evacuation of the masses.

Military Bridge
Sichuan Province Muli County Type 200 Bailey Bridge

2. Bailey Bridge Used for Traffic Engineering

The extensive application group of Bailey Bridge is also prefabricated highway bridges, which are used for crossing rivers, crossing rivers and valleys. The components of Bailey Bridge are made of high-strength steel and built with trusses and beam structures. The main trusses can be single-row, double-row or three-row to improve the load-bearing capacity.

In addition, the fabricated steel bridge has a simple structure, good interchangeability, easy disassembly and maintenance, and is suitable for traffic engineering.

Prefabricated highway bridge
Bailey Steel Bridge

3. Bailey Bridge Used to Reinforce Dangerous Bridges

Dangerous bridge means that the main structure of the bridge is severely damaged and cannot be used without reinforcement. The modularity of Bailey Bridge allows its components to flexibly form part of the steel bridge body of different lengths or widths, which can be installed outside the old bridge or replaced with damaged parts, and finally achieve the effect of bridge reinforcement.

Truss steel bridge
Bailey Bridge

4. Bailey Bridge Used for Combat Readiness

The Bailey Bridge was originally mainly used for military purposes. It quickly built steel bridges in valleys, rivers, or explosion-destroyed areas, so that the army could quickly pass through obstacles.

Military Bailey Bridge
Military Bridge

Famous Steel Bridge

There are many Bailey bridges around us, such as the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, the Ikitsuki Bridge in Japan, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in China.

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